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Cristiane Olivera Lobato

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With a bachelor of Psychology and graduated as a Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Family Constellation Facilitator. Cristiane Lobato has started her professional journey as Co-founder of Milênio Baby preschool in her home town, Brazil. Cristiane Lobato has worked as an educator in Australia, when she migrated 15 years ago, she has extensive understanding of children's development family systems and parental coaching. She fell in love with the systemic psychology philosophy and since then she has been supporting her clients well being, health, happiness and meaning in their lives.Cristiane truly believes that the systemic psychology therapy assists people with self-knowledge, helping to understand why we cannot solve the problem (even when you know the solution), helps to identify the sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, and facilitates the development of efficient and effective strategies to achieve your goal.Cristiane Lobato as a member of Australian Counselling Association and she is Individual and Group Supervisor.  Cristiane Lobato has been dedicating her skills to support her clients and the counsellor community.Lobato Therapy believes on your personal growth and this involves :raising your self-esteem;helping you to become your own decision maker leaving old believes behind;helping you to become more responsible;helping you to be more congruent so you can experience harmony between feelings, thought and behaviour;helping you to achieve freedom from the impact of past negative events in family system.Seeing unhealthy patterns in your family and deciding that those patterns end with you and will not be passed down to future generations, is an extremely brave & powerful decision.– Tiny Tot



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